Mei-Ling Hau

Beautiful and deadly pirate queen and scourge of slavers



Actor: Devon Aoki

Race: Mulan Human

Nationality: Presumed to be a renegade Thayan slave

Age: Mid 20’s

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Position: Captain of the Blooded Maiden

Current Status: Somewhere in the vicinity of the Pirate Isles, hunting down Captain Marduk and the Red Drake


A beautiful flower of the far East who has left a blood-red trail in her wake across the Inner Sea. No solid facts are known about her past and background, aside from the fact that asking her is a guaranteed way to provoke her into unleashing staggeringly bloody violence.

It’s presumed from her accent and mostly faded scarring covering old tattoos that she was, at one point in her young life, a Thayan slave, and it’s certainly known that she seems to hound ships flying the Thayan flags more fiercely than anything else.

Though by no means picky when it comes to target, nor in any way remotely kind or soft-hearted in pursuit of prey, she allegedly reserves a special brand of grotesque brutality for slavers and their ilk, though exactly what happens to their “cargo” afterwards is a whispered point of contention in taverns far and wide across the Inner Sea.

Mei-Ling Hau

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