"Black Dog" Berrack

Brutal mercenary pirate marauder and slave-trader



Actor: Mickey Rourke

Race: Chondatan Human

Nationality: Zhentarim

Age: Early 40’s

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Position: Captain of the Backbreaker

Current Status: Seething in fury at his recent defeat, somewhere near the Dragon Isle


A brutal bear of man, feared far and wide across the Inner Sea as a mercenary pirate reaver and free-lance slaver, hoisting the flag of whatever nation is currently filling his coffers.

Frequently finding himself raiding and plundering for the Black Network of the Zhentarim, and rumoured to be a Bane worshipper himself, there are few ports who welcome his vessel at the best of time, and fewer taverns still who’d welcome his rag-tag crew of cut-throats and blackguards, though encountering them at land is still vastly preferably to meeting them at sea

"Black Dog" Berrack

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