Of Rising Tides and Falling Stars

Tall Ship Tales #1

Backbreaker & the Giant Turtle


Ok lads where were we – Ahh … After our encounter with the horrors of Undeath about the Mulhurand Drommond, we had gone to the Pirat Isles …see we were looking for pirates and it seemed a good place to start …also we feared something big was afoot that me might take a look into …taking a gulp of rum and a pull on my pipe

See … At this point we figured something pretty old and bad had been on that drummond, so far out to sea it just ain’t natural and then the captains papers … we had followed the clues and it all lead to the conclusion that one of two famous pirate captains must have boarded it and now held whatever evil was on it ….figuring we were either up against Mei-Ling ….you might have heard of her? Pretty, but deadly she was … well, in either case we figured it was either her ship the Blooded Maiden or the Backbreaker captained by ‘Black Dog’ Berrack which had come into possession of whatever the artifact from Mulhurand was – anyway in the Pirate Isles we had gotten wise to the fact that we could probably find it with one of the two captains, so we set out with a plan – to engage if possible to ambush the Blooded Maiden, we were pirate hunters you know … or atleast for now to stay clear of the Back Breaker ….It didnt go quite to plan …emptying my jug of rum .. Hey, can we get some service here – what kind of shit pl … ahh ok, thats better – taking a good swig anyway where were we? Ah yes ….The Backbreaker…

At first everything had been fine and dandy, we scouted the approaches to the port, got to know the reefs and the shallows and prepared ourselves to await the approach of the Mei-Ling and see if we couldnt get the weather gauge on her one way or the other … well things get quiet we are just laying there waiting, boys get bored and suddenly we see a sail and all hands are cheerful as fuck …then it just grows and grows …and we get just a might anxious its a pretty damn big ship and soon we eyeball her as the Backbreaker – well not exactly the plan …but well we are prepared so we sally bit out show the colours and pull back in between the reefs daring her to pursuit …but then she just stops and its like ..well that was exciting … spits into the corner … and ah …yeah we thought that was about it it ..but then this big horn sounds …OOooouuu … Oooouuu like some sound of some monstrosity you ain’t want to meet …and thats when we start shitting outselves see suddenly this HUGE shadow approaches us from below the water … its a freaking turtle big as they ever come …and just scoots right across the reefs no way we can run, not with the wind coming across our bow and needing to tackle through the reefs … well we faced it, we did … and when it came close and men were being cooked by its very breath guess if some foolhardy sailor didnt jump down on it – distracting it – stabbing it right in the neck with a big sword … sure it took some arrows too, but mortally wound it he did …ofcause he took some bruising when it tried to crush him against the ship until it finally gave up ….we thought we had lost him we did … even I myself did!! pulling open my shirt to show a red scar .. I got this when it brushed me along the bottom of the Drake, got me a regular keel dragging … damn turtle! Well as you can see Im still alive and its dead!! Cheers to that !…a round on me! …

Ofcause that wasnt actually the end of it – because then came the boarding, see old ‘Black Dog’ was crafty and not about to let us get off so easily …(to be continued)


Melkhor ClausHBhm

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