The Drake


A proud vessel in the service of Cormyr, the Drake is quickly growing to become a familiar, and feared, sight to those who call the waves of the Inner Sea their home. Fast and exceptionally manoeuvrable, what she lacks in outright power, she more than makes up for through her speed, agility and skill of her crew.

Type: Caraval (modified)
Captain: Draco LaGrange
Flag: Cormyr
Crew: 15 (Skeleton)/40 (Standard)/50 (Maximum)
Power Type: Sails
Cargo Tonnage: 130 tons
Keel Length: 80 feet
Beam Length: 25 feet
Armament: Medium stern-mounted catapult, medium prow-mounted ballista, 2 small starboard ballista and 2 small port ballista

Notable crew:
Captain: Draco LaGrange
Quartermaster: Goldguard Truesilver
First Mate: Aziza
Master of Sails: Traegar van Hoorn
Ship’s Chaplain, Carpenter and Surgeon: Thorbjørn Erikson
Rigging-Monkey: Joulaum

The Drake

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