Languages of the Inner Sea


The native language of mysterious Aglarond, the country ruled by the Sorcerer-Queen known as the Simbul in the far eastern end of the Inner Sea. Curiously, it’s written using Espruar, the ancient Moon Elf alphabet.


The primary language of the fiercely independent and constantly warring city-states of Chessenta, located south of Aglarond across the Bay of Chessenta. It is written using the Thorass alphabet that it shares with Chondathan


The language of ancient Chondath, often referred to simply as “The Common Tongue”. Among the nations of the Inner Sea it is spoken as the primary tongue in Cormyr, Chondath, the Dragon Coast, the Dale Lands, Sembia and the Pirate Isles (if they can be said to have a primary tongue there at all). It uses the ancient “Old Common” alphabet of Thorass.


The almost unfathomably arcane and equally ancient language of the alien and insular nation of Mulhorand, nestled at the easternmost edge of the Inner Sea. Mulhorandi is the only known human language on the planet that is written in the Celestial alphabet.


Technically, merely a harsher dialect of Mulhorandi rather than a language in its own right, one would be well-advised not to bring up this point to the prickly and proud Red Wizards who rule the nation of Thay with an iron fist. Anyone versed in one of the two language will be able to comprehend the spoken form of the other with only moderate difficulty, but reading it is another matter entirely as Thayan, unlike Mulhorandi, is written exclusively in the Infernal alphabet.


The language spoken in the shattered remnants of Mulhorand’s ancient arch-rivals of Unther, south of Thay and east of Chessenta. The language was never popular or widespread, even at the height of Unther’s power and that isn’t likely to change now following its downfall. Untheric is written using the old dwarven alphabet Dethek.


The native language spoken in the fragmented nation of Turmish, south of the Pirate Isles and West of Chondath. The Turmish were originally displaced from modern day Mulhorand millennia ago by the Mulan people when they settled there, and their modern day language retains many of its alien, eastern roots, making it notably distinct from Chondathan. Nevertheless it is written using the same alphabet, Thorass.


Easily the second most prominent language of the area, in many areas eclipsing Chondathan entirely. Darmaran is the primary language of all the three dominant city-states of the Moon Sea, Hillsfar, Mulmaster and Zhentil Keep, as well as the entire central and north-eastern edge of the Inner Sea, composed of the nations the Vast, Impiltur, the Great Dale, Thesk and the western-most tip of Aglarond known as Altumbel. The choice of addressing someone in either Chondathan or Damaran can (and will!) often be viewed as a political statement that can lead to the exchange of blows (or worse!) in many areas. It is written in the dwarven Dethek alphabet


The mysterious and otherworldly tongue spoken by beings from or closely associated with the Elemental Plane of Water. It isn’t spoken widely in any nation around the Inner Sea, but most humanoid beings who make their homes beneath its waves are at least somewhat conversant in it, if they’re inclined to speak with surface-dwellers at all, that is.

Languages of the Inner Sea

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