Captain's Log of the Ma'at Ascendant

(Magically translated entries from the log of Ma’at Ascendant)

Nightal, 2 – 5
Blessed be the Father of Jackals, He of Whom We are not Worthy to Speak. Under the cover of his blessed darkness we have succeeded where so many before us have failed. The Most Holy has been reclaimed from the accursed vault where the mewling corpse-worshippers dared to seal it away, and the guards of this grand vessel fell to our assault before they even knew we were upon them. “Ma’at Ascendant” Ha! The irony that a ship bearing such a cursed name should be income instrumental in our Lord’s final triumph is sweet indeed

Nightal, 2 – 7
Our pursuers give up! They recognise that their weak gods cannot help them and they lack the courage to sail on through the night and the faith to abandon the coast for the open water. We, however, know that we sail beneath the shadow of the Black Pyramid, and that the Lord of Carrion will not allow us to fail him in this grand task!

Nightal, 3 – 5
No further sails have been sighted behind us for days. The open sea envelop us to all sides and there is but one way. Forward. We must press on and bring the Most Holy far beyond the sight of Horus-Re, the vengeance of Anhur and the power of Osiris before the ritual can begin. Some of the men spoke up in fear when they learned that we would not seek the shelter of the coast. Kemen-Ta cut the tongues from their mouths and roasted them in his ever-burning braziers. The smell was sweet… and delicious

Hammer, 1 – 1
Kemen-Ta told me in one of our talks that today marks the first day in a new year by the calendar of the Western Barbarians. If so, let this year be remembered forever more as the year of Set’s Grand Victory

Hammer, 3 – 6
It talks to me… in my sleep. I hear The Most Holy call to me in the darkest hours of the night, voice muffled from within the casket but still resonating clearly in my heart and soul like a siren’s song. It wishes to be free… to be unleashed. Kemen-Ta says such things are foolishness, delusions of the sea. The time is not right, he says, the stars are not yet in place. But what does he know…. The Most Holy does not speak to him!

Alturiak, 2 – 4
Kemen-Ta is dead… I… I did not mean to slay him but… he would not listen, he refused to tell me how to open the casket, how to unleash the Most Holy, he would not let me follow the voice that has whispered so sweetly in my ear for so long. I threw his body over the side when the moon was hidden behind the dark clouds but still… the men will soon realise he is gone… and they will fear the blessings of Set is gone with him!

Alturiak, 3 – 8
So many dead… nearly half my men would not listen… would not understand! Their false bodies are now rotting in the cargo hold along with those of my faithful followers who fell to their false blades, a fitting tribute to the Lord they abandoned with their heresy! I don’t need them! I have the Most Holy, I follow the voices, the directions from our lord. My path is clearer now than it has ever been before!

Ches, 2 – 3
Land on the horizon… but not the land we seek. A pointless distraction tearing me away from my attempt to unlock this infernal puzzle-box that keeps the Most Holy contained. I had the lookout thrown into the charnel pit of the hold alive.

Ches. 2 – 4
Sails… black sails on the horizon! The fleet of Horus-Re bringing the wrath of the Gods upon us after all this time? No… barbarian scum. Foreign thieves, dogs of the sea out to steal our treasure. They shall not have it… they cannot have it! It is mine… the power…. the glory mine. All mi…

Captain's Log of the Ma'at Ascendant

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