Ulf Foambeard

Massive, mighty and jovial Illuskan sea-wolf enjoying himself far from home



Actor: Stellan Skarsgård

Race: Illuskan Human

Nationality: Semi-permanent resident of the Pirate Isles

Age: Late 40’s

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Position: Captain of the Scalded Dog

Current Status: Making taverns across the Pirate Isles even louder and more dangerous than usual!


A giant of a man hailing from the cold and distant north near Icewind Dale, Ulf Foambeard came to the Inner Sea decades ago, originally as a mercenary in the employ of the Black Network of Zhentil Keep. However, as he himself is fond to tell over a horn of ale or ten, he found those Banite fellows to be far to dour and dull for his temperament so he soon ventured off on his own.

He did, however, take an immense liking to the warm climate of the Inner Sea, as well as the constant opportunity for plunder, pillage and drinking provided by the taverns of the Pirate Isles and the constant warring and bickering of the surrounding nations.

Showing no particular loyalty to any nation or cause, safe for a marked distaste for both the Zhentarim and the Red Wizards, Ulf and his boisterous crew are more than happy to take to the sea at the behest of anyone who’d offer them sufficient coin and plunder and he’s famed far and wide across the Inner Sea for never holding a grudge for longer than the swing of an axe!

Ulf Foambeard

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