Traegar van Hoorn

Sailing Master


Lawful Neutral Half-Elf “Child of the Sea”
Lore Warden (fighter) lvl. 2
Maneuver Master (monk) lvl. 1


STR 20
DEX 16
CON 12
WIS 16
INT 16
CHA 13

Magic Items:

Fan, WindFan__Wind.png ‘Gust of Wind’ 1/day or more times @ 20% to break item.
‘Headband of Awesomeness’Chuck_Norris_with_headband.png +3 to CHA skills


Traegar a half-elf offspring between a travelling Moonelf Bard and a young Dalelands maid grew up resenting the casual easy with which his ‘unknown’ father seduced and left his young unmarried mother to bear and raise a child alone. Traegar’s mother upon realizing she was with child quickly sought a marriage – entering wedlock with a much older but wealthy merchant Elias van Hoorn. Elias though lending his name to Traegar never truly warmed to Traegar, his blood never leaving anyone in daubt as to who was certainly ‘not’ the father. From birth til his early youth Traegar thus grew up in a formal atmospfere, his presense always a reminder of the disgrace upon the family – though lacking in warmth he was nevertheless given the best education possible and soon to everyones relief he took service upon a merchantman.

Once on the seas, it became apparant that Traegar had a natural affinity – quickly learning both the lay of the sea as well as the stars. Perhaps it is his nonhuman ancestry, but Traegar has an uncanny feeling for navigation – Prompting more than one over-the-years to comment that he must be touched by ‘Selune’ since his knack seems to be particularly strong on starry nights. Finding happiness in the regimented life onboard a ship, with the strict rules, traditions and punishments & rewards – for some reason sparking resonance within his soul, Traegar gradually learned, excelled and slowly rose in the ranks – the eventually sought his own way.

Having learned seamanship and not finding mcuh tying him to his native Dalelands, Traegar eventually ended up in Cormyr – finding himself growing restless his soul pulling him to seek new horizons thus, to fill his curiousity and earn a living he once found himself hired out as a guide & navigator to a group of scholarly adventurer types identifying themselves as ‘Silverstars’. To Traegar the Silverstars impulsive enthusiam seemed irrespeonsible and infuriatingly naive, nevertheless he could not help being drawn towards them, particularly a young priestess with whom he ended up sharing many a night watch looking at stars and discussing the meaning of life …. deterministic or not, whether Traegar is merely a leaf floating along or a boat setting its own coarse in life … Traegar and the young priestess Naidella eventually ended up below deck – then infront of an altar and Traegar was never happier. Unfortunately either happiness does just not last…


..Or another coarse than settling down with children as been predetermined for Traegar, either way when Traegar came home to the cove in which he had brough his newlywed and found the village pillaged – he swore he would not rest, not repent, not be content until he had his satisfaction and his wife …. or his wife …and then satisfaction … atleast seen them all dead who disrespect him.

Traegar van Hoorn

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