Lady Brine

Mysterious, hooded priestess of the Bitch Queen serving her own agenda


Actor: Carice van Houten

Race: Tethyrian Human

Nationality: Amn

Age: Late 30’s

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Position: Priestess of Umberlee in good standing within her church

Current Status: Keeping the Drake in Umberlee’s good graces



An enigmatic and mysterious priestess of Umberlee from far away Amn, allegedly on a pilgrimage to the Inner Sea. She has graciously deigned to travel on the Drake, hopefully keeping the wrath of Umberlee at bay in return, though she generally keeps herself apart from the rest of the crew.

Who she really is, and what her true agenda might be remains as unknown as her personal power, but any man foolish enough to even raise his voice to her at sea would most likely be thrown overboard by the rest of the crew before he’d have a chance to find out!

Lady Brine

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