Draco LaGrange

Heroic and dashing privateer captain in service to the crown of Cormyr


Actor: Matthew Modine (1995)

Race: Chondatan Human

Nationality: Cormyr

Age: Mid 30’s

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Position: Captain of the Drake

Current Status: At the helm of his ship



Tall and slender at nearly 6’ 4", captain LaGrange strikes an impressive image at the helm of his ship with the wind billowing through his blonde locks as much as through the sails of his beloved ship.

Charming and easy going when on land, he undergoes a remarkable transformation at sea
when “a hunt” begins, adopting a fiercely focused and entirely no-nonsense persona focused entirely on running down his prey.

A genuine, commissioned privateer in the service of Cormyr’s crown, LaGrange is, above all else, a loyal patriot and calling him a “pirate” is a sure-fire way to find oneself on the business end of his blade.

Draco LaGrange

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