Dhaven Sweetsilk

Cunning and slick mercenary smuggler with an unerring eye for profit



Actor: Cillian Murphy

Race: Tethyrian Human

Nationality: Exiled Citizen of Amn

Age: Mid 30’s

Alignment: True Neutral

Position: Captain of the Sly Hand

Current Status: Last reported seen in the bay of Chessenta


Rumoured to be everything from a disgraced son of a Merchant Prince of Amn to one of the Cowled Wizards driven into exile by jealous peers, Dhaven Sweetsilk certainly cuts an unusual figure among the rough and rowdy “free captains” who call the Inner Sea their home.

Considering himself an entrepreneur first and foremost, Dhaven prides himself on a reputation as having not only the keenest mercantile mind of the Inner Sea, but also the fastest ship in the Sly Hand.

Known to hoist the flag of numerous nations and city-states when it serves his purpose, and even more known for playing potential employers against each other, the one thing that all agree upon is that if there is gold to be made whether at sea or in port, Dhaven and the Sly Hand won’t be far from it.

Dhaven Sweetsilk

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