Dagon Fell

Alien and sinister pirate cult-leader



Actor: Doug Jones

Race: Water Genasi

Nationality: Unknown

Age: Indeterminate

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Position: Captain of the Whirlpool and High Priest of the cult “Umberlee’s Maw”

Current Status: At the helm of his ship, last sighted in the Sahuagin infested waters off the coast of Thay


Even in the seedy and exceedingly dangerous taverns of the Pirate Isles, the name of the Whirlpool, and her sinister captain, Dagon Fell is spoken only in hushed whispers. Rumoured to have plied the Inner Sea for close to a century, it is said that Dagon’s ship moves where he wills it regardless of wind or waves and that even the fiercest of storms leaves it intact.

Flying the colours of no nation or city, Dagon serves only the cruel whims of the Bitch Queen, though persistent rumours insists that he has somehow formed some form of alliance with the monstrous Sahuagin who infest the eastern end of the Inner Sea.

There are those who claim that fevered and earnest prayers of supplication, followed by a suitable sacrifice to the Bitch Queen (many stories claim the sacrifice must be the captain of the ship!) will cause the Whirlpool to let a ship pass unmolested. Others, however, claim that your best chance of survival, once the ragged flag of Dagon Fell has been spotted, is to throw yourself over board and trust in Umberlee’s mercy…

Dagon Fell

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