A tale of swashbuckling, daring-do, intrigue and rebellion on and around the Sea of Falling Stars.

System: Pathfinder

Setting: On and around the Sea of Fallen Stars, Faerun – pre spell plague 3.5 version

Overall theme: Swashbuckling, piracy and vicious political infighting between rival city-states


Q: So will it be centered around a ship?

A: Starting out, you’ll all be crew members of a privateer vessel on the Sea of Fallen Stars. That, of course, might change during the course of the campaign but it will always be focused on the inland sea itself and the area around it regardless of what else might happen.

Q:What would off the top of your head, be the logical level range?

A: Level 3

Q: House rules?

A: No Gunslingers, no Summoners, ABSOLUTELY no Ninjas or Samurais, no races that aren’t physically present on Faerun, ask before making something “really” strange… more stuff to be added when I think about it. more stuff added after I thought about it After careful consideration and mulling over (with myself) I’ve come to the (brutal and unfair decision) that I’m going to put down a blanket veto on any material that isn’t currently in its final, published form (i.e, NO Beta-test material).

Q: Which way of determining stats would we have – could you give us a statline?

A: Pick two stats and roll 6d6. Of these 6 dice rolled, pick at least one at assign it to one of the two chosen stats. Then roll remaining dice and repeat the process until both stats have been assigned 3 dice. Then pick two new stats and start over, this time assigning at least two dice from those rolled (not necessarily to the same stat). Finally, for the last two stats, start over again with 6d6, this time removing at least 3. If you’re dissatisfied with your stats once you’re done, you may scrap them all and start over from scratch once

Q: Would we use traits and/or Flaws?

A: No. Just no.

Q: Are there any Ju Ju Oracles in the area?

A: Surprisingly, the answer is a resounding yes! The island of Tan (located on the eastern edge of the notorious “Pirate Isles” in the middle of the Sea of Falling Stars) boasts a small “native” population who are descendants of escaped slaves originally captured in the jungles of distant Chult. A character hailing from that peculiar, primitive people could definitely fit such a profile.

Of Rising Tides and Falling Stars

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